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Equipment List:

  • Day Pack

  • Head lamp

  • Quality-lightweight and breathable rain gear

  • Quality wool blend base layers 

  • Quality hat, gloves and outerwear for expected hunt and weather 

  • Quality broke in boots for expected hunt and weather

  • Personal toiletries, toothbrush/paste, scent free soaps, deodorant etc.

  • Binoculars

  • Rangefinder

Please add items below if going into our Back Country Camp: (40lb gear limit per hunter)

  • Grayl water purifier bottle

  • Lightweight 0-15 degree sleeping bag

  • Lightweight sleeping pad and pillow

  • Bow sling if on a archery hunt

  • Camp shoes

  • Mid size dry bag or duffel. 


Rifle Hunters:

  • Must be proficient at 300 yards with a .270 caliber or larger rifle

  • Rifle must be topped with a quality 3x9 scope or greater

  • Bring one box of (20) appropriate cartridges 

Archery Hunters:

  • Must be proficient at 50 yards with a 60lb or greater draw weight compound bow

  • Have a minimum of 3 pin sight with no electronics. No single pins sights

  • Bring 6 matching arrows with 100 grain or greater matching broad-heads. We don’t care what broad-heads you bring, just make sure they are tuned and shoot true

  • No back tension releases

Gear Recommendations:


Schnee's Boots out of Bozeman, Montana. These are simply the best in our opinion 

  • For archery elk hunts we like the mid height non insulated Schnee's mission line or taller Beartooth line that offers insulated and non-insulated models

  • For more rugged elk hunts or goat hunts we go to the Schnee's Granite line. They also offer those in insulated and non-insulated 


Clothing, Packs and Gear:

We recommend you investing in high quality products from brands such as Kuiu, Sitka and Stone Glacier. 

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